Purely Beautiful Body and Hair

Apr 04, 15 Purely Beautiful Body and Hair

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Purely Beautiful Body and Hair is the brainchild of Shantescia Hill whose search for products that were completely free of harmful chemicals came up sparse – she then decided to create her own hair and body care products that were truly non-toxic.   Shantescia wanted to share her non-toxic products with others because she knows the importance of what you put in your body should be safe, but also what you put on it – which gets absorbed into the skin!!   Body Butter was one of Shantescia’s first products; this is amazing for extremely dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. She explains how she evolved to Avocado oil based hair and body lotions as well as a complete facial care line, always ensuring the ingredients are pure and organic. “I try to buy from local farms as well as fairly traded items.”   In addition, Shantescia also makes an all-natural laundry detergent and all-purpose household cleaner.   When your body stops consuming harmful chemicals, whether internally or externally, there’s a noticeable difference with your skin and health. You look better and feel better without a negative impact to the earth.   With Purely Beautiful Body and Hair products you only need a little at a time for it to work.   As an emerging ecopreneur, we understand the significance of supporting local, small & fair-trade businesses to keep help communities thrive. Sustainability has always been an important part of my life, and the more we share information the better we can take care of ourselves and our planet.   “I am pleased to say that my clients love my products. They immediately noticed a difference in the way their skin looks and feels. We are delighted to have a loyal following.”   You will find Purely Beautiful Body and Hair on...

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Lizzy’s Garden Organic Baby Food!!

Mar 28, 15 Lizzy’s Garden Organic Baby Food!!

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WiseBUYS had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Miles, founder of Lizzy’s Garden™, at the Planet Earth Festival. Lizzy’s Garden is an organic baby food company that’s committed to creating a beautiful foundation to help babies build a healthy and sustainable eating habit by providing 100% USDA certified organic baby food. They create signature dishes with only the finest ingredients that are delicate enough for a baby’s tummy but wholesome and packed with all of the nutrients and vitamins required to support the immune system of a growing baby.   Lizzy’s Garden left out preservatives, fillers, harmful additives,  artificial flavors and it’s packaged in an eco-friendly glass jar that is BPA free. They are based out of South Florida, their products support and encourage sustainable/clean eating for infants/toddlers.   After the birth of Jennifer’s second daughter Elizabeth, it was important for them to introduce a healthy and safe diet when she transitioned her to solids. It was then that she decided to make her food, and what started out as a fun and creative exercise in the kitchen transformed into Lizzy’s Garden™. “We saw how healthy and upbeat our daughter was from eating the foods I was making and from there it became a mission to get the brand out and introduced to other parents looking for an alternative healthy baby food option.”   Hearing moms, dads and toddler caretakers say “It’s awesome to know that I can get tasty, organic non-processed meals for my baby”, means a lot to us because we pride ourselves on our product.   They’ve recently launched a monthly subscription, which allows customers to sign up and customize their Lizzy’s Garden order to be shipped to them.   You will find Lizzy’s Garden listed on...

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BestRest USA Mattresses Naturally Repel Bed Bugs!!

Mar 23, 15 BestRest USA Mattresses Naturally Repel Bed Bugs!!

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Juan Claudio Gonzalez, owner of BestRest USA’s realized that most companies in the US mattress market offering a green solution were falling way short of truly delivering on their promise. He and his partner wanted to forever change the standard by which green mattress companies are measured and judged in the sleep industry. BestRest USA created its first prototype in 2010 after doing their market trend analysis. Their intention was to develop a product that would change people’s lives, minimize the effect on the environment and set a whole new standard for quality in the mattress industry, while still being economically accessible to the average consumer. BestRest USA mattresses were created with everyone’s needs in mind. They wanted to offer the optimal level of support and comfort; provide a hypoallergenic and greener option; a personalized experience with regards to firmness levels and temperature, while still being durable and dependable. Their product is at least 85% natural (one of the highest levels in the industry), using some of the most sustainable and advanced materials; naturally repels bed bugs, dust mites & moths; has a life span of at least 15 to 20 years; clients will not only sleep free of harmful toxins and chemicals but can rest assure that the end use will not affect landfills like so many other mattresses on the market.  BestRest USA is one of only three mattresses sold in the US that has 100% Oeko-tex certification. BestRest USA wanted to have a product that was economically viable for most consumers; therefore they maintained an affordable price range.  They are also developing programs to make their products accessible to those who will gain the most from their sustainable mattress due to its health benefits – such as individuals who are bed ridden, autistic children with sleeping conditions, etc. When they replace used mattresses, they will recycle them properly to minimize the effect on landfills. Juan tells us, “It’s amazing to see the impact we have had in the lives of our clients with regards to comfort and allergies.  We know what a good night sleep represents to so...

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Production Returns To The USA, Oh My!

Mar 15, 15 Production Returns To The USA, Oh My!

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We’re pleased to inform that not only is it true, but it’s happening in Miami, FL with an emerging green manufacturing company called Earthware.   Earthware is a sustainable company with product and community outreach, as Michael Caballero Managing Director explained.   Michael’s involvement began when he met Dr. Pandwe Gibson, President of the Board at EcoTech Visions at a USGBC event where she showed off a cutlery sample. Initially his focus was on the manufacturing process before moving into a more central role. Earthware creates single use consumer items including cutlery, cups, and take-out food containers from polylactic acid (PLA), a corn-based organic resin. They hope to sell their products in the B2B and B2G markets, in particular prisons, schools, and airlines. Earthware envisions a future for Miami (and beyond) that is free of single-use plastics and eliminate its waste from our landfills and oceans.   The Earthware manufacturing process overview is as follows:   We source our PLA resin from the US and have it shipped to us in Miami. Here we create our products through injection molding: machines heat the resin to a liquid that is injected into a mold that shapes and cools the resin into a product. Then, we ship our products to our end customers.   We are not simply a manufacturing company, however. Our responsibility to our customers and the environment extends beyond the initial sale. We also provide product recovery service, allowing us to recapture and reuse our resin. Each Earthware product reduces oil used in plastic production, reduces oil in transportation, reduces the environmental effects of both, and even reduces landfill waste.   Our products are created to serve as an eco-friendly alternative to current single use products made from oil based plastics. Some product benefits are: NO oil used, every Earthware product used keeps oil out of the consumption cycle and in the ground PLA resin emits less than half the greenhouse gases that traditional plastic PLA requires 30-35 Mega Joules (MJ) less to go from raw...

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